Saturday, February 18, 2012

Day 2- Relaxing day with no power!

    Today was a pretty relaxing day! We had a power outage from 9am until 2pm but it didn't seem to bother us very much. Cailey Bug on the other hand really wanted to watch a movie. At some point Jason decided to take her to go check the mail and do a commissary run. That left mommy with space to do whatever she liked.... except I ended up cleaning the house!
    We went to church this afternoon because the Okinawa Marathon happens to be tomorrow and our church runs right in the middle of the entire thing so they switched services to today. Pastor John discussed further into the book of Mark and then finished up with baptizing about 8 people. What most people don't realize is that I was asked to be up there among them..... I really want to be re baptized but I felt like I didn't have enough time to invite all my Okinawa family to be there to support me. So Oki Family keep your eyes and ears out for when I decide to take that next step in my walk because I would love to have each and everyone of you there with me.
    This was my second day on the program and I am dying to know what the scale says!! I have been drinking plenty of water and making sure to switch up meals so that I don't get bored with eating one imparticular meal. I think the brownies are one of my favorites, but then again me entire box of food is customized with TONS of chocolate meals, for example: dutch chocolate shakes, brownies, chocolate crunch and peanut butter/chocolate crunch bars, and Chocolate mint soft serve..... all my favorites to insure that I will eat all my meals and I wont waste any!
    I started a workout this past week that I got off of Pinterest (I LOVE THAT SITE!).  I am going to attach Saturdays workout to this post, and each days following will have one too so that you can have them for your viewing pleasure! I am definitely feeling the muscles I haven't used in awhile and it sure does feel good!  

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