Friday, February 17, 2012

Day 1- Let my journey begin..... again!

      I came across a wonderful webpage that inspired me to start up a blog again. The man shared his journey with Medifast and along the way shared recipes and workouts that he found very useful. I think that I too can provide that information and spread the word about how wonderful the Medifast program truly is.
     I started the Medifast program of June 2010 and lost over 20lbs in the first month. That only fueled me to continue with the program to drop the additional weight. I can remember going home to visit family stateside for the first time in a year (November 2010) and stood proud at 180lbs. I felt fantastic after dropping 53lbs and knew that I could continue to do this program with great results. I took a break from the program while visiting my family in California and was scared to stand on the scale when I arrived back in Okinawa to find that not only had I NOT gained any weight I actually had lost 2lbs! What!?!? Are you serious!?!?  Then I realized that being on the program for those 5 months had instilled healthy habits in my brain that I subconsciously utilized. I decided to continue with the program and I lost an additional 20lbs when I came across a fellow military wife here in Okinawa that was curious about the Medifast program. I contacted her about the program and invited her over to discuss Medifast. Right then and there I decided that I wanted to become a Medifast Health Coach! Why not spread the word about Medifast and support others in their journeys to lose the weight. May of 2011 I became a Coach and established a nice group of clientele.
     I have been on and off the program for the past year.  I have stayed between 160 and 143lbs in this timeframe but I am currently sitting at 159.4. I decided that I to needed to sit down and start fresh with the program to show my clients and future clients how impressive this program is.
     Today I started the program over and I dont feel like I am struggling at all. For those of you that do not know the first three days of the program are the hardest. You can get really bad headaches, nausea, gassy, even constipated and dont even get me started on the grouchiness! Your body has to get used to the reduced calorie intake and is basically detoxing from the junk food you have been eating.  I have one heck of a headache right now and I am greatful bedtime is right around the corner cause a moody 3 1/2 year old is getting on my very last nerve!
      I can not wait to keep you all updated daily on my Medifast journey!

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